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I write songs for moments like this with people. And so long as at least one persons excited then I’m gonna keep writing.

Don’t remember what song this was in reply to, just looking back through my messages at the moment.
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Hello friends and followers. I’m clearing through my iPad’s Garageband recordings and i’ve decided to make a Loose/Instrumental Soundcloud Page to place the junk.

Please Entertain yourself for a few moments here:


OR you can go hear some finished products here instead:


OR if you’re feeling super nice you’d go check out LittleFrenchyy:


My music: Grace
Everything Else: Lucy
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I’m famous guys! ;’)
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recording 'The Lost Girl' for Grace’s ears.
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just tracking all the guitars first. vocals i’ll do later on this week.

currently working on the newest material A Better Man

I hope grace is excited, but it think she’d prefer to hear The Lost Girl first :P

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